Hearing Aid Services

Middle Ear Analysis Using Tympanometry Relaxometry Services

Middle Ear Analysis using Tympanometry Relaxometry Services. This hearing test is done using the special instrument called impedance meter, meant to study the middle ear. Test duration is around 15 min.

Speech Audiometry Service

Speech Audiometry Service– This hearing test is done using live / recorded speech by a certified audiologist. The results will help in find out one's capability to understand speech. The testing time is around 10 min.

Pure Tone Audiometry Service

Pure Tone Audiometry Service– This test is done in a sound treated room/cabin by a certified audiologist. This hearing test will help the audiologist understand the type of hearing problem and also help in the quantifying hearing loss. Basis the results, the audiologist shall do a detailed informative counseling. The testing time is around 20 min.

Hearing Aid Candidacy Evaluation Hearing Test Services

Hearing Aid Candidacy Evaluation Hearing Test Services. Based on the results from several tests, understanding the listening needs and also finding out the course of the journey of an individual, the audiologist finds out the type of hearing aid, features in hearing aids and special fitting needs. This process may take from 30-45 min.

Pre-Post Cochlear Implant Evaluation Rehabilitation Services

Pre-Post Cochlear Implant Evaluation Rehabilitation Services – Hearing aids can help individuals with a severe degree of hearing loss if not beyond. A cochlear implant (implanted surgically) is the ultimate solution in such cases. This special evaluation and counseling need about 90 min

Audiometry Services

Our Audiometry Services offer an objective approach in hearing device fitting and fine tuning hearing aid fitting is not a clicker’s job as many would think. Hearing aid fitting is based on an assessment of a variety of factors. Once fitted, the audiologist makes sure that the same is functioning as in a variety of sound parameters. The ideal way of fitting hearing aids is using real ear measurements. The duration of the fitting is around 20-30 min.

Hearing Aid Selection & Fitting Services

We offer Hearing Aid Selection & Fitting Services - We use several gadgets such as TV, smartphone, computer etc. Assistive devices stream the sound directly from these devices into your hearing aids if they are wireless. The process of identifying the need for an accessory and fitting them would take about 20 min.

Neonatal Hearing Screening Oto Acoustic Emission Services

Neonatal Hearing Screening Oto Acoustic Emission Services- This OAE is a hearing screening test done for finding if a newborn child has hearing loss. Test duration is around 5 min.

Counseling Services for Parents of Children with Hearing Los

Amplifon offers Counseling & Support Services for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss. Recognizing that someone close to you, a friend or family member is experiencing challenges with their hearing is not always easy as hearing loss tends to happen gradually over time and your loved may not know that they have some symptoms of hearing loss. It can present questions such as, what can I do to help my loved one? Where can I get more information? Who can I go to for help Understanding the types of environments your loved one experiences difficulties in can help identify the type of hearing loss they may have. You may find that you’re loved is aware that their hearing is not as good as it used to be but is unsure what to do or they may refuse to accept changes in their hearing.

We at Amplifon are here to help both children & parents through our counseling services for hearing loss.

Hearing Solution

Product Details:
  • Aid Placement: In The Canal
  • Features: Direct Audio Input
  • Brand: Amplifon

Hearing Solution
Amplifon is the leading hearing aid specialist across the globe and has the presence in more than 22 countries. Working in this field for more than 65 years now, Amplifon offers the largest choice of hearing aid from major manufacturers around the world. Unlike most hearing aid specialists, Amplifon claims to be a completely independent solution provider that gives customized service to customers and present a range of product options. Further, our highly qualified audiologists are the best in this field, who help you understand the degree of the problem and recommended the best treatment procedures. We have made a name in the industry as one of the most customer-centric services.

We offer all types of hearing aids, including both invisible hearing aids and behind the ear devices. We don’t believe in sticking to a single manufacturer and support competition in a way that it allows maximum benefits to our customers. With a range of products, you can expect hearing aid equipment for all budgets with multiple facilities. Every product that Amplifon advocates comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure peace of mind and a good investment.

Life is miserable and impaired without the power to experience sounds and calls. While hearing aids are one of the best technological innovations, they are basically electronic products that come with the risk of damage. We, at Amplifon, ensure that the limitation of technology doesn’t affect your life and your pockets as such.

Hearing Aid Types:
Amplifon offers a wide range of choices when it comes to hearing aid devices. All the devices are equipped with the latest technology and designed to suit the modern lifestyle of people. Our solutions are high performing and affordable and now it’s your turn to let us serve you.

The latest development in hearing aid devices come in three main cosmetic types and include ‘invisible’, ‘in the ear’ and ‘behind the ear’ devices. All of these come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. The most important factor, however, in trying to determine the right product is the compatibility of the device with the results of your hearing test. Other factors to consider are your lifestyle, your degree of need for discreteness, and your preferred level of dexterity. Based on these key factors, our audiologists help you determine the right kind of equipment. You should be confident about wearing hearing aids and thus choosing the right device is of paramount importance. Amplifon products are personalized and the prices that we quote are for the features that you would like to go for. You may choose any color, size or style of a hearing aid and the price wouldn’t worry you.

We have a wide range of hearing aid devices from various manufacturers and we have further grouped them into five different categories for different types of lifestyles. Even the most minimal priced product accompanies the latest technology and will be perfect for any type of hearing loss from discreet fitting to all types of traditional styles, we offer you everything. The entire range is aimed at providing the most flexible and personalized solution for an individual lifestyle.
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